Worshiping and Cultural
Sites Tour Package

Experience the beauty of interfaith harmony and sacred places of different religions in 9 days tour.


First City

Mashhad | 2 Nights

DAY 1 | Tuesday

Arrival at Hashminejad International Airport Mashhad. Transfer to the 3 star hotel. Rest. Tour to the novel Miniature Park of Mashhad. Dinner. Return to the hotel.

DAY 2 | Wednesday

This day starts very early, before dawn, tour to the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali Raza (as). Return to the hotel, breakfast and tour to Holy Quran, Carpet and Central museums at Holy Shrine. Return to the hotel and tour to the largest waterpark of Middle East, Water Wave-land Park, Mashhad. Lunch. Return to the hotel. Dinner.

DAY 3 | Thursday

Tour to Chalidarreh Tourist Complex, Turqabeh. Departure for Hashminejad International Airport Mashhad for the flight for the classic city of Yazd which has recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Second City

Yazd | 2 Nights

DAY 1 | Thursday

Receiving at Shahid Ayatollah Sadooqi Airport, Yazd and transfer to 3 star hotel. At night, tour to the peaceful Dolatabad Garden. Dinner.

DAY 2 | Friday

Breakfast at hotel and then tour to the Fire Temples of Zoroastrians, Alexander’s Prison, Mausoleum of Davazdah Imam. Lunch. Then tour to the Traditional Persian Bathhouse, Hammam-e Khan Yazd Bazaar which is one of world's oldest traditional markets. Return to the hotel, dinner

DAY 3 | Saturday

Breakfast. Tour to Amir Chakhmaq Complex. Departure for Kashan by road.


Third City

Kashan | 1 Night

DAY 1 | Saturday

Check in the hotel, little rest and then tour to Iran’s oldest extant garden, Fin Garden. Return to the hotel, dinner.

DAY 2 | Sunday

Breakfast and tour to Bathhouse of Sultan Ameer Ahmad, 200 years old Mosque Agha Bazurg, classic and historic Tabatabayee and Borujerdi House. Lunch and departure for Isfahan.

Fourth City

Isfahan | 2 Nights

DAY 1 | Sunday

Check in the hotel at Isfahan, little rest and sightseeing of 400 years old, world’s largest square, Naqsh e Jahan Square and Si o Se Bridge, constructed in early 17th century. Return to the hotel, Dinner.

DAY 2 | Monday

Breakfast, tour to Naqsh e Jahan Square. Lunch. Continuing the tour to fascinating Grand Bazar of Isfahan, the historical Mulla Bashi’s House. Return to the hotel. Dinner.

DAY 3 | Tuesday

Breakfast. Tour to Jameh Mosque of Isfahan and mesmerizing Vank Church. Lunch and departure for Tehran by Train.

Fifth City

Tehran | 1 Night

DAY 1 | Tuesday

Check in the hotel, little rest and tour to the world’s 6th tallest tower, Milad Tower. Return to the hotel. Dinner.

DAY 2 | Wednesday

Breakfast. Tour to the Church of Holy Marry. Lunch. Tour to Azadi Tower and the Tomb of Imam Khomenei. Transfer to Imam Khomenei International Airport for the flight for Pakistan.

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