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About Yazd City

Yazd, also spelled Yezd, city, capital of Yazd province, central Iran. The city dates from the 5th century CE and was described as the “noble city of Yazd” by Marco Polo. It stands on a mostly barren sand-ridden plain about 4,000 feet (1,200 metres) above sea level. The climate is completely desertic. A network of qanats (tunnels dug to carry water) links Yazd with the edge of the nearby mountain Shir Kuh. Historically, Yazd has been the link between Fārs and Khorāsān and between Persian Iraq and Kermān, and it was situated at the intersection of the trade routes from central Asia and India. It served as a provincial capital and earned the title of(Home of Piety), because of its many religious buildings. Some of the city’s inhabitants are Zoroastrians whose ancestors had fled toward Yazd and Kerman when the Muslim Arabs conquered Iran. Yazd is now the last centre of Zoroastrianism in Iran.

Huge History Behind Yazd City

This article examines the emergence of the Ḥusaynī sayyids as key facilitators of the Mongols’ acculturation to Islamo-Persianate society and traces the expansion of their influence at imperial courts through the seventeenth century. Previous scholarship has emphasized the pivotal role of figures like Rashīduddīn Hamadānī in brokering reciprocal processes of acculturation from the empire's centre. This study builds on such work by shifting the focus to Yazd, a provincial city. It explores the evolving and unique role of Yazdī sayyids in facilitating such processes as they fashioned new patronage networks at court and reconfigured the urban morphology of Yazd. Furthermore, using local histories alongside universal ones, this study explores narrative strategies by which Yazdī authors, writing after the Mongol period, commemorated the sayyids’ emergence. It situates these writings in the context of larger transformations that affected relations between provincial elites and the imperial centre throughout these periods.

Gastronomy OF Yazd

Diverse, pleasant, and healthy confectionery has made Yazd the capital of confectionery in Iran with an international popularity. Yazd is also the main provider of Sesame products in Iran. With reasonable prices you can enjoy your time in wonderful restaurants serving Iranian foods as well as international ones.