Shiraz City

History Of Whole Country , In One City



Shiraz is one of the major cities in Iran. The center of this city is Fars province. Shiraz is the 20th largest metropolitan city in the Middle East. Due to its cultural, historical, religious and natural attractions, this city attracts many tourists. This city is one of the most popular tourist cities in Iran with many international attractions. The city of Pasargad is one of the most visited attractions near Shiraz. This city dates back to Islam and the Achaemenian palace is located in this area. There is gorgeous and wonderful architecture with pillars, carvings and numerous buildings. In Pasargad, the carvings of Rostam from Ferdowsi's Shahnameh are also memorial and worth watching. In this city many nomads live whose weddings and music is very attractive. This city has been recognized all over the world and one day in a calendar year, they celebrate as World Shiraz Day. A lot of tourists travel to Shiraz this day. May 15th, the International Day of Shiraz is the most spectacular day of the year for the tourism in this city. In this month, the city has a lovely scent of orange blossoms and the whole place is sunken by the scent of flowers and the dance of insane willows. The weather of the city creates a kind of intoxication in the tourists. This is the reason why the Iranians call this city is a city of lovers and poets. Many poets have died in this city.

The Most Spectacular Worth Watching

  • Persepolis and Pasargad City
  • The legend of Rustom
  • Nomadic life and their culture
  • The Tomb of Hafiz And Saadi
  • Quran Gate

The People of Qashqai

The main center for the life of Qashqai tribes is Fars province. The name Qashqai is derived from the Turkish word for Qashqa, meaning "the forehead of white horse." Qashqai people are dazzling and dignified. They love to celebrate and enjoy. In celebrations and weddings, the group dance of Qashqai women and men which they do with the stick is very beautiful and interesting. In such occasions, women and men each hold two handkerchiefs, and stand in the shape of a big circle. Then with the beat of drums they shake their dresses and proceed with the movements. Qashqai people are keen on drinking tea and hookah.

Weather and Climate

The mountainous areas of the north, northwest and west are very cold during the winters. The rainfall is reported between 400 and 600mm per year. Its central region is cold and temperate with rainy weather while in summer it is hot and dry. The weather in this area is completely different from the northwest. The precipitation is reported to be between 200 and 400mm per year.


  • Persepolis Museum
  • Pars Museum
  • Museum of Visual Arts at Forogh ul Mulk Home
  • Museum of Fame at the house of Zaynat ul Mulk
  • Museum of Military Park, Afeefabad
  • Shah Chiragh Museum
  • Museum of traditional clothes at Salehi's house
  • Narenjestan Museum