Anzali Harbor

Biggest Harbor Of Caspian Sea

About Anzali Harbor

This city is similar to French, Polish and Italian cities. The cemetery of Poles and churches in this city is very much appreciated. Some bridges and buildings in this city have been designed and built by German and Swedish engineers.
It is not just one of the most important tourist cities but also one of the most important economic centers and one of the sports hubs in Iran. The people of Anzali are Gilak, and they speak Gilak language. This city has the first and the largest port in Iran on the southern shores of the Caspian Sea and is located in Gilan province. The city of Anzali after the center of the province, Rasht is the most populous city of Gilan province and one of the densest cities in Iran, in terms of population density. The city of Anzali is located in the west of Gilan province and is formed by the Caspian coast and the international lagoon of Anzali port of several islands and peninsulas connected by bridge.  Anzali's name has been renowned in most European cities in terms of its customs and commercial ties. From the time of its existence, Iranian and foreign traders consider this as the gateway to Europe and being a port city its inhabitants get acquainted with the achievements of the West much earlier than other parts of the country.

History Of Anzali Harbor

The city of Anzali has a long and considerable history. Ms. Carla Seerna, an Italian tourist who visited Iran in the era of Nasir al-Din Shah. For her stay in Port  Anzali, she gathered great information about population, employment, urbanism, handicraft, architectural style of buildings, trees, Shams Al-Amara Tower, Anzali's ruined castle. , Nature and lot more for the people.

In the past, the occupation of the majority of people in Anzali was fishing. Agricultural and industrial rice are other traditional businesses of Anzali port, which are still very popular in the villages around the city of Anzali.

Culture And Old Mosques

The city of Anzali is renowned for the construction of old mosques although there is no reliable information on the exact date of the construction of the first Anzali mosque but Robino has written that the first mosque in Anzali was built in year 1911 or 1290 solar years. Four mosques named Masjid Khan, were built by Hashim Khan Anzali, late in the reign of Mohammad Shah and were called the mosques of my community. The Sorkh mosque built by the Red Crescent, the mosque of Utad  Mohammad Razi, which is known by its last name, was built by Master Mohammad Razi and was recently restored by  help of the Umaid Humayun monument and the new mosque has been constructed by Haj Shafi Aqa Mujtahid.
Another unique feature of this port is its potential in scientific, artistic and sporting fields, which contributed greatly to the achievement of domestic and international honors. Having high rates of education and communication and interaction with domestic and foreign tourists has led to the growth of citizens' culture. Anzali Public Library has four libraries.
  • Imam Jafar Sadiq Anzali Port (address): North Muftah Street, Farwardeen Boulevard.
  • 8th Shehrivar Ghaziyan (address): Taleqani Street, Azerbaijan Boulevard.
  • Lijarki Hassan Rood (address): Anzali road to Rasht, inside the market.
  • Shahid Namjoo Abkenar (address): Pasdaran Street, Mohallah Mosque

Old church And Tourism Industry

Armenians have a church and a cemetery in Anzali, which are now considered to be the historical monuments of Bandar Anzali. In the past, the population of the Armenians of Anzali reached 4,000 households. Today, the number of Anzali Armenians is just about 23 households and less than 50 people.
Caspian Sea, sandy beaches, Anzali International pools, Anzali and Ghazi Historical Bridges, Coastal Park (Blvd.), Naval Museum Palace, Breakwater, Minaret or Clock Tower, Old Courthouse are some of Anzali's spectacular views. The Free Trade Zone, the economic and strategic position of Anzali attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.